London , capital of Great Britain , was the influential city in the world and the center of a large and prosperous overseas empire in the 19th century. It is in South East England . Its area is 625 square miles . The River Thames divides city into two halves.

   North London is a commercial and governmental, center and entertainment activities are very developed . South London is a residential area. But you will find there a lot of historical places. Their historical buildings, monuments, and bridges offer the visitor a magnificent overview It also offers you royal palaces, monuments, squares , parks,shops. Its transportation system is very developed :

London bridge:
The bridge was constructed in the 1890s. a road which is on the bridge can be raised to allow tall ships to pass through to the Pool of London .From this unique viewpoint, visitors can see some of London's most well-known buildings, such as the Tower of London, St Paul's Cathedral and Canary Wharf.
Buckingham Place
It is bought by King George III in 1761 for is wife. George IV reconstructed the house in 1820. Queen Victoria was the first sovereign in this residence in 1837.
Covent Garden:
you will find here bars,entertainers, restaurants ,shops in this famous place. In the Arts and Crafts Market hall the craftsmen sell their original handmade work of arts: Arts and Crafts, Ceramics, Knit-wear, Pottery, Silk Screen Printing, Hand Painted House Plaques & House Signs, Heraldry, Coats of Arms, Hand Painted Crests & Shields,

Hyde Park:
The park covers 630 acres. You can exercise your right to free speech in this famous park Henry VIII acquired it in 1536.The park covers 630 acres, and includes some of London's most well-known tourist spots. At Speaker's Corner, everybody can use his right of free speech.
Kew Gardens :
there are 300 acres of beautiful gardens, and there are six glasshouses to visit.

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